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Blooper Episodes in Estate Planning and Elder Law


Please allow the “lady in blue” on the front cover, who we will affectionately call “Ginny,” to be your tour guide through our imaginary television studios, as we take you back to that bygone era-a time when families ate dinner all seated around the table together at an appointed time, without distraction by electronic gadgets, and gathered again by the television after homework was done. Ginny will help us see that times really have changed, and, where estate planning and elder law are concerned, it truly is necessary these days to obtain professional, specialized legal counseling.

Blooper Episodes in Estate Planning and Elder Law

Now Ginny says “Ladies, strap on your pearls and, men, don your cardigans, and let’s see what we can learn from a stroll down memory lane together!”

Blooper Episodes in Estate Planning and Elder LawFong Law Group

Important Announcements

Many people think of estate planning as writing documents to say who gets what when they die. But estate planning is not about creating documents. Computer software can generate documents, but it does not give you proper advice, and it can never plan your estate. Estate planning is a series of actions, changes, and functions about a result-providing enduring protection of your family security against threats and predators.

An estate plan faces a myriad of changes. Your personal, family and financial situations are constantly changing. You may get married or divorced. You may welcome a new child or grandchild into the world. You might purchase a new home or open a new brokerage account. At one stage of your life, you may be starting a new business; but at another stage, you may be planning your retirement. Your assets continue to grow and accumulate over time, and your personal goals and objectives may also change. Then there are constant changes in both tax and non-tax law that impact your estate plan. Estate planning is not a one-time transaction, but rather is an ongoing process.

Because of the complexity of estate planning, you would be making a big mistake if you rely on computer software, a do-it-yourself kit, or a website to plan your estate. What you need are professionals who continually improve themselves through on-going education and peer networking. They should also be regularly developing new tools, techniques, and counseling resources to maximize the value of their counsel.

Our firm places a high value on education. When we are not seeing clients, we are attending classes, and reading about changes to the law and new planning techniques. We also network with attorneys and other professionals, such as CPAs and financial advisors, to find new ways to improve the quality of life for our clients. It also means we are constantly investigating and employing new technology to do more for our clients.

We are committed to using plain English and interesting stories to illustrate different planning options available to you. The book itself testifies to our commitment to using plain English and real world examples to make  complicated legal concepts understandable to our clients.

Together we will create a plan that best fulfills your dreams and goals. We will protect your family and create peace in your minds because you know that your unique objectives are met and your loved ones are protected.

If you want to create an estate plan to protect your family, please call our office at (626) 587-2088. If you want to purchase additional copies of this book to give to your family or friends, please email fong@fonglawusa.com or call us at (626) 587-2088.

Table of Contents

On The Cover
Important Announcements
A Preview of Our Coming Attractions
Part One: Those Dastardly Deeds
The Bunkers Unwittingly Give Away Dower Rights and Control
The Jeffersons Forfeit Their Real Estate Tax Discount and Crown Son Lionel Their King
Florence Johnston Makes a Taxable Gift and Gets Fired
Aunt Bee Makes a Medicaid Disqualifying Gift
Florence Johnston Winds Up Homeless
The Stivics Pay Unexpected Taxes to “The Man”
It’s TV Game Show Time!
Lessons from Ginny: Take One
Part Two: Young Adults Are Still Adults
The Keatons Lose Parental Rights
Fonzie’ s Powers of Attorney Expire With Him
It’s TV Game Show Time!
Lessons from Ginny: Take Two
Part Three: No Plans, Bad Plans, Old Plans
A Bad Plan: Fonzie Had POAs But No Will
A Bad Plan: Marshall Matt Dillon’s Will Has a Smoking Gun
A Bad Plan: A Simple Will Leaves Some Monkees Hanging Out on a Limb
A Bad Plan: No Witch’s Spell Can Fix Samantha Stephens’ Simple Will
An Old Plan: Jeannie Displeases Major Nelson’s Ghost
No Plan: Alice Kramden Shows Ralph Who’s Boss
No Plan: There’s One Less Set of Petticoats
Hanging on the Water Tower at the Junction
No Plan: A Trust Could Have Kept a Dallas Oil Well Flowing
Old Plans: The Twelfth Precinct Suffers
From Barney Miller’s Outdated Will Plan
No Plan: Pete and Line Must Save Julie
Bad Plans: One Father Knows Best; The Rest Don’t
An Old Plan: The First National Bank of Partridge
A Bad Plan: Richard Kimble’s One-Armed Man
Enriches the State of Indiana
A Bad Plan: The Ingalls Accidentally Disinherit Their Loved Ones on the Prairie
A Bad Plan: Kotter Would Welcome Back His Sweathogs
A Bad Plan: Legal Self-Help Proves a Mission Impossible
An Old Plan: Michael Brady Unblends His Blended Family With a Bunch of Woes
Old Plans: Gilligan’s Friends Wish They Could Vote Themselves Off the Island
Bad Plans: You’d Think the Second Generation Would Get Smart
A Bad Plan: Fred Sanford Really Does Have the Big One, Elizabeth
A Bad Plan: Sergeant Joe Friday Books the Beneficiaries
It’s TV Game Show Time!
Lessons From Ginny: Take Three
Part Four: Good Plans!
Good Plans: Mary Richards Turns Her Smile on the World of Trusts
A Good Plan: Mary Richards Makes It After All-Was There Ever Any Doubt?
It’s TV Game Show Time!
Lessons From Ginny: Take Four 101
Part Five: Even Better Plans!
Jed Clampett Leaves a Legacy Beyond His Kin: Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs)
Dr. Ben Casey Gets a Better Prescription Than Dr. James Kildare: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)
Ben Cartwright Preserves the Ponderosa (FLPs, LLCs, Family Trusts & Subchapter S Corps)
The Animal Bloopers – We’re Family, Too! (Pet Trusts)
It’s TV Game Show Time!
Lessons From Ginny: Take Five
It’s TV Game Show Time! Bonus Round!
For Your Nostalgic Amusement, Memorable 1950s-1970s TV Shows
The Game Shows
The Variety, Comedy & Talk Shows
The Daytime Soap Operas
The Mini-Series
Notable Prime Time 1950s-1970s TV Series
Reruns Back in the Day
About the Co-Authors
Debbie J. Papay, Attorney
Daniel Fong, Attorney
Fong Law Group

About the Author

Daniel Fong, Attorney

Daniel Fong has been practicing law since 1994 and he is licensed in both California and Hawaii. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr. Fong was educated in the United States. He graduated with Distinction at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Following graduation, he worked at the State Legislature of Hawaii as a legislative assistant, responsible for analysis of legislation and acting as a liaison between the Asian-Pacific community and the State Legislature. Seeing that many Asian immigrants were marginalized in the community due to language and cultural barriers, Mr. Fong entered William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii with a view to serving the immigrant community. Due to his familiarity with Asian affairs, he was elected Vice President of the Pacific Asian Legal Studies Organization in law school. He was also selected as an intern to Hawaii’s Department of Attorney General because of his outstanding academic performance. After graduating from law school, he was hired by the Hong Kong office Baker & McKenzie, one of the largest international law firms of the world. Later Mr. Fong returned to the United States and set up his own law firm.

Mr. Fong’ s interest in elder law and estate planning stems from his personal background. When he was a legislative intern at the State Legislature of Hawaii, he performed research on various issues affecting elderly such as long-term care. After he became a law student, he participated in the Law School’s Elder Law Clinic where he helped elderly people prepare simple wills, advanced health care directives, powers of attorney, etc. His experience made him determined to be an advocate for the elderly. Elder law is a specialized field that requires specialized training. Mr. Fong received specialized training in elder law from the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) of which he is a member. In addition, Mr. Fong is active in the elder law section of Beverly Hills Bar Association and the trust and estate section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Mr. Fong is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Mr. Fong’ s practice consists of the following areas: Medi-Cal Qualification Planning; MediCal Crisis Planning; Asset Protection, Incapacity Planning, Wills and Trusts, and Conservatorship.

Mr. Fong is active in the community. At present, he serves a legal advisor for several community organizations including the Chinese Benevolent Consolidated Association. He also holds a monthly workshop to educate the general public in understanding how to protect their family security from predators.

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